If plain creamy white is your color idea for countertops, Arctic White Quartz is ideal for you. Absolutely no patterns, no veins, no other things going on. Just warm white countertops to greet you or your kids in the morning. This simple design allows for flexibility. Multiple possibilities for design await you with this clean canvas. Arctic White MSI Q Quartz is not just for countertops but also for floors and accent walls. Also perfect for shower surrounds, this quartz slab is perfect for many design features both in the kitchen and bathroom. On top of that, it is stain-resistant, thus easy to maintain.

Arctic White 2cm Price: $16.32 / square foot

Arctic White 3cm Price: $21.84/ square foot

*price does not include edges, installation labor and sink

NSF Certified® | Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®

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